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October 19, 2020

During confinement, an increase in sales of CBD oils was seen among women, to relieve their period pain.

In fact, last March, when doctorsdid not recommend anti-inflammatory drugs for their potentially aggravating effects in the face of Covid-19, some women have started to turn to natural solutions to relieve period pain. Infusions, oils, flowers and capsules, CBD products are varied depending on the consumption and the desired concentration.


Dysmenorrhea, a common problem?

According to estimates in Switzerland, dysmenorrhea, more commonly known as menstrual pain, affectsover 70 adolescent girls and more than half of women of childbearing ager. It is therefore an important social problem but which remains too often taboo and for which we use grandmother's remedies or anti-inflammatories to try to solve it. The causes of these pains are diverse, but their pains can be extremely intense and can easily ruin the day of those affected.


How Cannabis Can Help?

To answer this question, it is important to clarify that cannabis is made up of many different molecules, including cannabinoids that will activate cannabis receptors in mammals.

CBD, in other words cannabidiol, is one of these substances and, unlike THC which produces the "high" effect, would have soothing effects on pain, anxiety, inflammation, osteoarthritis and many other problems as well. .

Given the lack of clinical studies carried out in Switzerland on the subject, CBD is not authorized as a medicine but is starting to be used in certain EMS and is attracting more and more people. However, we cannot assert its benefits or its negative effects but according to the testimonies reported, it would have enormous benefits on menstrual pain and would therefore constitute a natural alternative to Paracetamol and other anti-inflammatory drugs thatdestroy liver cells.

In addition, cannabinoid receptors were discovered in the female genital tract by Dr. John Thiel, provincial head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Saskatchewan in Regina, thus confirming that cannabis could be useful in the treatment of pain. pelvic.s.


Update on the situation

As we told you in the title, CBD-based products to treat menstrual pain are starting to democratize and movements like #metoo have led to a liberation of women's words on sexual discrimination which has fortunately put today 'hui highlighting a subject that has remained taboo for too long, including la dysmenorrhea.

Studies are now underway on the effects of CBD with the aim of being authorized on a larger scale. We therefore hope for a rapid awareness of this substance which is still too demonized today because it still comes from cannabis.


The use of CBD products is not recommended for pregnant women and we recommend that you do not drive after consuming these substances. Myrcene Solutions does not sell drugs and does not provide medical advice but simply informs through its articles. Always seek medical advice before consuming CBD.



Photo byGabrielle Rocha Rios weUnsplash


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