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February 03, 2021

CBD and sleep are compatible, find out how to reduce your sleep disorders with cannabis.

In France, the National Institute of Sleepindicated in 2020 that a quarter of the population was a victim of sleep disorders. There are quite a number of symptoms of sleep disorders, the main ones being: difficulty falling asleep, waking up several times during the night, loss of concentration, fatigue during the day, the feeling of not being able to wake up, an increase in errors and accidents, mood swings, etc...

Lack of sleep not only affects the state of fatigue, but in the long term, it can be a source of anxiety, depression and, even more seriously, can lead to a risk of high blood pressure or heart disease.

How can CBD affect sleep?

Here we are interested in Cannabidiol. This substance is present in cannabis but has no psychotropic effect nor does it alter the capacities of the consumer. CBD interacts with neuro-receptors in the brain, which will have a direct effect on anxiety and pain. The result is simple: the more relaxed you are, the more you will move away from sleep disorders.
The lack of research does not allow us to assert anything at this level, however two hypotheses could explain this phenomenon :

CBD reduces anxiety

One of the major neurotransmitters linked to cannabinoid receptors, anandamide, is located in the brain. Present in areas associated with mood and motivation, it also acts on anxiety and depression. The CBD will act on it by protecting it and preventing its natural decomposition which increases psychic problems. In doing so, CBD helps to reduce sleep disorders and insomnia.

Access to REM sleep

A study makes the link between taking CBD and access to REM sleep. Researchers have put forward that this sleep phase regulates emotional health and its lack would lead to cognitive disorders and depression. The CBD would have therapeutic virtues in the treatment of these disorders because it will promote the REM sleep phase and will be able to naturally regulate the cognitive system.

Of course, at the moment these are only theories but until studies are clearly conducted, we can rely on the opinions of CBD consumers who report that taking CBD helps them on a daily basis.

CBD, the miracle cure?

Above all, it is the rhythm of life that mainly influences sleep and mental state. In addition to taking CBD, we advise you some methods that will strongly help you to find sleep:

- Practice regular physical activity
- Adopting a healthy diet
- Reading books helps to tire the mind
- Do not look at a screen for at least 1 hour before going to bed
- Use blue light filters (night shift) throughout the day.
- Consume relaxing herbal flower teas
- Prendre un bain
- Stop all caffeine consumption (even during the day)
- Practicing yoga or meditation

The products we recommend

At Myrcene Solutions, the focus is on your well-being and we choose the best products for your greatest happiness. This is why we have selected for you our range that can help you fight against insomnia and sleep disorders.

Our flower is grown organically in Geneva by a partner producer. We chose it for its high CBD rate (up to 24%!) and for its extraordinary taste. Cultivated with love and passion, we can only recommend it to flower lovers.
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Our oils with THC
Myrcene Solutions oils with THC are among the best you will find on the market. Made from organic sunflower oil and CBD oil, they are 100% Swiss and natural. Available in several concentrations, you only need a few drops to put under your tongue to feel their effects.
Produced according to the method known as "Broad Spectrum", our THC-free oils guarantee the extraction of all the plant's substances. In terms of effects, they are similar to our Full Spectrum range with the only difference that there is no THC in them.
Produced in Geneva from the V1 flower and a mixture of plants cultivated in France in an organic and artisanal way, this herbal tea will delight you with its exceptional taste.
In terms of effects, in addition to being stress-relieving and relaxing, it will help relieve stomach aches and menstrual pain.
Myrcene Solutions does not provide medical advice and our articles are written for informational purposes only. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us using the form on the page :contact
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