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THC and CBD are two molecules found in cannabis. THC is a psychotropic substance whereas CBD does not provide the "stone" effect. and would have major therapeutic virtues. In addition, cannabis containing more than 1 THC is illegal in Switzerland. This is why we offer products with high levels of CBD, without exceeding the authorized THC threshold..

Although all of our products are legal, we recommend that you do not drive after consuming. Indeed, the relaxing effect of CBD can impair your ability to drive and although the level of THC present in the products is less than 1%, it remains detectable in the blood.

At Myrcene Solutions, we try to offer only cannabis grown and packaged in Switzerland with respect for the environment. For some products, the cannabis may come from the European Union. Consult the packaging for more information. In all cases, the plants are grown organically.

Tous nos produits sont légaux en Suisse car ils contiennent moins de 1% de THC. Pour l'Union Européenne, seuls les produits contenant moins de 0.2% de THC sont légaux. Vous trouverez ce renseignement dans la description de chaque produit vendu sur notre site.


For orders in Switzerland, our packages are delivered by post and we estimate a delivery in 2 to 3 working days.

Tell us as soon as possible by e-mailing If the package has not yet been prepared, we will cancel and refund your order. Otherwise we will find another solution.

We only take back and reimburse products that are still sealed and whose packaging shows no defect. Return costs are your responsibility.